Creating an Optimum Working Environment VTEQ™ Foam.

Visco elastic foam was originally developed by NASA as a solution for ensuring that bodyweight and temperature were evenly distributed throughout the seats of their astronauts.

Since that time, this advanced foam has been widely used throughout the healthcare industry as a pressure-care solution in bedding, wheelchair cushions etc.

Our unique range of pelvic and posture support seat technology now use an amazing Gel and Visco foam, providing 100% support as the seat draws heat away from the user, and softens / molds itself to the precise shape of the person in the chair.

The even distribution of pressure throughout the surface of the seat, significantly reduces the level of pressure which normally resides directly under the ischial tuberosities or the ‘sitting bones’ as they are referred to. It is these two bones which support the entire bodyweight when we are seated.

By removing pressure from beneath them, we also minimize the cause of circulatory problems, pressure sores and back pain.

Approximately 75% of the user’s weight is supported by just 8% of their body weight.

Yet, with our VTEQ™ foam in place, the pressure of the user’s body is transferred throughout the entire surface of the seat cushion. Less pressure and enhanced long-term comfort is then achieved.

Independent pressure mapping testing has proven VTEQ™ to be a true ergonomic seating solution. The combination of VTEQ foam, a total contact back support and a mechanism which facilitates correct positioning, equates to a chair that is part of an optimal working environment…

When you are not supported correctly, many of the muscles in your back have to work overtime to maintain the alignment of the spine. With your spine maintained in its natural position, pressure points are reduced and you are taking a proactive approach to improved back health. Within a few short moments of being seated, as the cushion draws heat away from the body, the VTEQ™ foam has softened considerably, and molded to your unique body shape.

If you sit regularly for 40 minutes or longer, then a VTEQ™ seat is for you. In this time, your body will benefit from the pressure-relief properties that VTEQ™ offers. Ultimately, any person using an ergonomic chair, and who cares about correct posture, the prevention of back issues, or the relief of back pain should all consider VTEQ™.