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Posture Balance chairs are made to order in Australia, and if you are one of the many people who is new to the Work At Home concept, you can now have a chair which is fully adjustable and fits you perfectly.

The ‘Chair Selector’ takes away the problem of ordering the wrong chair, and you will be able to be more productive as well as being comfortable and supported throughout the day.

By understanding your physical shape, the type of work-environment where it will be used and whether you have any pre-existing postural issues, we can determine the most appropriate product for your needs. 

This is a simple 7-step process that will create a unique code that we are able to identify and respond to you with a model and description.

As part of this process allows you to nominate your preferred Distributor, we can assist them to provide you with a prompt quotation, and where they can ultimately arrange a contactless delivery.


“Oh I love my chair !
Thank you, it’s the topic of conversation around here.
Everyone wants one…”

bExact Prime Extra High Back



“The chair I purchased from you has changed my life!
My chronic pain has subsided, even after 10 hour days at the computer my back and neck feels great. The chair is easy to adjust and the mechanics are robust, the seat cushion soft and the high back rest helps my posture. The reduced chronic pain has enabled me to become more active. Thanks Robyn”

Flexi Extra High / Touch Mechanism