Mechanisms Explained

3 Lever Ergo

The 3 Lever Ergo is a simple and precise mechanism that has independent operations that are aimed to give the user complete control of their chair.

The 3 Lever is a versatile mechanism and is found on most entry level task chairs through to intensive seating ranges

3 Lever refers to the 3 basic operations that consist of the following:
1. Seat Height
2. Back Angle
3. Seat Tilt

In some cases, a seat slide may be added to the mechanism that will allow the user to adjust the depth of their seat.

Auto Self-Weighted

The ‘Auto’ is a self-weighted mechanism that automatically adjusts to user weight and height and is easy to use with minimal adjustments to set up.

It has been designed to suit the agile working environment where hot-desking is in use.

It has 150kg weight rating that allows for a broader range of users. The Auto is a synchronised mechanism that has an integrated seat

Further information can be found here.

Touch Synchro

The Touch is a synchronised mechanism where the back rest and seat pan recline at a 2:1 ratio in a free flow action. For example, for every 10° of recline in the backrest, the seat pan tilts back 5°, Keeping the lumbar in the chair in line with the clients lumbar.

We recommend the ‘Touch’ mechanism for single-use workstations.

The movement of both mechanisms allows for the back of the chair to follow you, keeping you supported throughout the day. Movement in the chair can open up your diaphragm and assist with keeping your circulation flowing, and provides 100% support to the lumbar area.

Further information can be found here.