flexi Perch

As the modern industrial, corporate and now home-office workplaces have continued to evolve, there has been a steady increase in the use of ‘sit-stand’ desks and worksurfaces.

A number of mid-height seating products have been created for use in this environment, but with the release of our all-new flexi Perch – there is now an optimal solution!

The combination of an ergonomic Saddle-Seat and our flexi back (equipped with Air-Lumbar as standard) means that the body is supported from the pelvis all the way up to the shoulders whilst working at a ‘sit-stand’ desk.

Where there are multiple-height worksurfaces there is a need to switch between desk and bench heights, the flexi Perch chair can be easily used at both levels.

Importantly, after having been standing for a while, the ability to perch temporarily provides instant comfort and support to those muscles which need it most.

Ultimately, pressure-loads are able to be minimised along the spine for longer periods – and operating in a ‘sit-stand’ environment becomes more productive and comfortable!

Back Dimensions

  • Low Back – H 510mm x W 420mm

flexi Perch Data Sheet