Posture Balance Desk Control

Desk Control

LINAK® Desk Control™ is a software that reminds you to stand up. With a mouse click, it enables you either to count the time/minutes or the calories burnt while standing. This way, the end-user of the desk can set up his/her personal goals, which will increase the end-user’s motivation and use of the height adjustable desk. So basically, the software encourages you to implement movement into your workday.

OS Requirements:
– Windows 7 (with .NET version 4.5*)
– Windows 8 or higher Operating System
– Mac OS (minimum OS 10.7)

Download the user manual

What is PIEZO™?

PIEZO™ is the name given to LINAK hardware based anti-collision technology. The PIEZO™ sensor is completely integrated in the column with no visible changes and no extra mounting. A hardware based anti-collision solution is more sensitive and works faster than a typical software solution. 

Posture Balance™ have incorporated this technology into the design which prevents the keyboard platform from crushing any object that may have accidentally been pushed underneath it.