The Fundamentals of ‘Clover’


LINAK Bluetooth® Adapter enables wireless control of adjustable desks with DESKLINE control boxes. Connect the Desk Control Basic App and control via mobile device is possible.

Available for Android and iPhone at the Google Play and  App Store


Desk Control Posture Balance™ Software is a PC/MAC software reminding the user to use the office desk. Allows user to control height adjustment and pre-set individual optimal sit-stand table height.

Standing up for 2 hours every day will reduce obesity, increase weight loss, and improve mental health. With the Posture Balance Desk Control, we help you remember to stand.

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Clover - Key Components


Exquisite square shaped column with low built-in dimension and long stroke length. Invisible gliding pads between the profiles ensure your overall exclusive desk design. As standard, the DL17 features PIEZO™ an integrated collision protection.


The DPA desk panel is a small, compact and user-friendly panel, which can be used for all kinds of height adjustable desks from heavy-duty workstations to standard office desks. 

The raised up and down buttons shaped as arrowheads make the panel very intuitive to use. The panel front is adjustable making it very flexible to be mounted in different ways thereby blending perfectly into any desk design.


The control box is the heart and brain of an actuator solution. It translates the signals from the control unit into perfectly controlled movement and adjustment of the actuators. The control box also links the various accessories connected to the system.

LINAK® provides several different control boxes. From simple control boxes for one or two actuators to sophisticated microprocessor operated control boxes.